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From his early years, Paccione showed a unique talent which was evidenced by his winning the prestigious St. Gardens Medal for Draftsmanship while still in his teens. As a college student, he graduated at the top of his class.

His first job in advertising was with the legendary Paul Rand, who Paccione called the Father of Intelligent Advertising. Moving on from there to Grey Advertising as Head Creative Director, where he won numerous awards, he developed a reputation as a creative force in the ad business. Paccione next moved on to start his own agency, Leber, Katz, Paccione where his creativity was unleashed as he consistently turned some of the most cutting edge advertising that propelled him to the title of National Art Director Of The Year in 1967 and the ADC Hall Of Fame in 1994.

He left his agency in 1969 to become a full time photographer, his real passion. He became one of the industries top photographers, winning virtually every creative award including Andy’s, Cleo’s and many others. His client list included a host of prestigious clients that encompassed every aspect of business. In addition, he was named official portrait photographer to two United States Presidents, Nixon and Carter.

Over time, Paccione began to renew the interest in painting he had developed in his early years. He felt the best way to refresh his painting ability was to copy the legendary Masters. He launched an intensive study of the great Masters, their history, techniques, and creative philosophy, from the Renaissance to the Impressionists. He became a prolific painter creating over 300 paintings and drawings of the Masters as well as over 150 of his own original work.

His art work has been shown in various museums including the Grande Palace in Paris and a one man show at the Brevard Museum, and the Art Directors Club which displayed a retrospective of the entire scope of his career. His work as a painter of the Masters seemed encapsulated in an article in The New York Times which particularly impressed him, as quoted, “When is a good copy a masterpiece? A good painting is a good painting whoever did it. A bad painting whoever did it is a bad painting. As for the signature, authenticity of a painting, that’s for Provence, nitpicking and the money market. A good copy is as good as the real thing because it takes a good artist to copy a masterpiece whether it’s for cash, development or homage.”


Think back to the last time you visited one of the world’s great museums, stood in front of one of your favorite masterpieces and thought, ‘I wish that were mine’. Now that wish can become a reality! Through a unique concept, DesVergers Galleries enables you to acquire recreations of these best-loved masterpieces. These recreated masterpieces are hand painted with immense technical skill in oil on fine canvas, in the same manner as the originals were executed. Now, exclusively from DesVergers Galleries you can acquire these recreated masterpieces and literally, ‘Bring The Museum Home’.

The School of Painting
Paccione, specializes in painting the Impressionist and Post Impressionist periods. This is possibly the most challenging period to reproduce because of the diversity of styles and the breadth of their experimentation.

The Artist
As a master recreation artist, Paccione, is not only a major talent and excellent craftsman but also an art historian. Thus, he brings a unique approach to his work as he understands the thought processes of these masters as well as their technical applications and in consequence, is able to infuse the ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’ into these creations making these pieces, as close to the originals.

The Gallery
DesVergers Galleries maintains a collection of already completed masterpiece recreations for immediate purchase, or if the piece that you want is not in our inventory, Paccione will paint a specially commissioned piece for you. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions regarding our existing inventory or the commission of your custom painted piece.
Many other companies employ numerous undisclosed artists, whereas at the DesVergers Galleries there is Paccione, our master artist and only artist because we do not mass produce art with a stable of artists. Paccione nurtures each canvas to perfection as did Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh. DesVergers Galleries does not offer the buyer instant art. DesVergers Galleries offers the buyer a Paccione masterpiece.

Collectors Recreations
We have serviced clients who already own a masterpiece and would like it reproduced so that is may be hung in more than one residence and they may enjoy their painting wherever they may be staying. The pressures of security and insurance requirements in today’s art market are well understood and confidentiality is always maintained.

Drawings And Watercolors
In addition to our magnificent collection of paintings we also carry an extensive collection of 16th to 20th century drawings and watercolors featuring recreations of such artists as Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Turner, Bonnington, Guardi, Homer, Millet, Sargent, Guercino, Whistler, and many others.
These pieces are also available on an individual commission basis, and will be handled with the same care and expertise as is the creation of our oils.

Sizes of Commissioned Art
On any painting, watercolor, drawing or pastel, we usually create the recreation to the original size. We also can reduce or enlarge proportionately to your needs.

All of our pieces are framed with as much individual care and attention as the art that they surround. Only the finest quality materials are used and our experts choose a period frame to complement each piece, or can be framed by the buyer to satisfy their individual needs.

On our inventory items, we are available to quote price and delivery dates immediately on request. In the case of our specially commissioned pieces, a consultation will be arranged in which Paccione will discuss the details of your commission, the difficulty and complexity of the piece and the projected time to completion. Based on this consultation a price will then be quoted.

DesVergers Galleries Philosophy
We feel that the enjoyment of the masterpieces of art is something that should not be restricted to the occasional visit to a museum or a printed reproduction on the pages of a book. The art lover should be able to ‘live’ with their favorite masterpiece and share this pleasure with their family and friends as well. In consequence, we have endeavored to make the ‘inaccessible,’ ‘accessible.’ The world’s great art is now within your reach and you can finally ‘Bring The Museum Home.’